How to use

“SunLand Naturals is the world’s leader in delivery of cannabinoids using our patent pending Nanopar Process  breakthrough technology of “oral adhering discs” which slowly delivers CBD directly into the bloodstream via oral tissue bypassing the digestive system. CBD Discs are safe to use while sleeping or awake.”

  1. Place one to two discs on gum above molar teeth on either side of your mouth. Dimple side of disc against gum.
  2. Use your tongue or finger to push the disc to a comfortable spot. Place disc against upper gum on either side of mouth.
  3. For best adhesive do not lick disc.  Once the disc is placed to your liking, do not push with finger  for at least 10 seconds. Bond will grow stronger the longer the disc is in place.

DIAGRAM 1 disc

For maximum absorption, use while sleeping when saliva flow is lowest. Can be used up to four times a day. Adheres, lasts for hours, and fully dissolves.